What is GeniusPeddler?

GeniusPeddler is a consignment point of sale application that provides your business a simple and efficient way to track sales on consigned items in your brick and mortar store.

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How Does it Work?

Point Of Sale Application

Acts as a point of sale application, allowing you to create sales and layaways, return items, and run daily reports.

No Hardware Required

No specific hardware is required, other than any internet connected device.

Tracks Sales

Track consignment sales and amount due to sellers up to the minute.

Export to CSV

Export amounts due to CSV for import into software, write checks, or transfer money electronically to sellers at the end of pay period.

Define Your Rates

Define your consignment rate based on a certian percentage or amount per sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices does GeniusPeddler work on?

GeniusPeddler is a web application that works in all browsers, including mobile browsers. This means you can use GeniusPeddler on your existing computer in your office or a tablet at the counter as a registrer. What ever internet connected device works for your business, will work with GeniusPeddler.

Does GeniusPeddler integrate with my accounting software?

GeniusPeddler does not directly integrate with any accounting software. However, you will be able to produce daily sales reports and monthly seller distribution reports that you can enter into your accounting software. Keeping your consignment tracking and accounting separate.

Does GeniusPeddler track layaway sales?

Yes, you can sell items on layaway. Sales will be tracked separately from normal sales and will not post as “due to seller” until the item is paid for in full.

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