Frequently Asked Questions

What devices does GeniusPeddler work on?

GeniusPeddler is a web application that works in all browsers, including mobile browsers. This means you can use GeniusPeddler on your existing computer in your office or a tablet at the counter as a registrer. What ever internet connected device works for your business, will work with GeniusPeddler.

Does GeniusPeddler integrate with my accounting software?

GeniusPeddler does not directly integrate with any accounting software. However, you will be able to produce daily sales reports and monthly seller distribution reports that you can enter into your accounting software. Keeping your consignment tracking and accounting separate.

Does GeniusPeddler track layaway sales?

Yes, you can sell items on layaway. Sales will be tracked separately from normal sales and will not post as “due to seller” until the item is paid for in full.

Can I use GeniusPedder to pay my sellers?

Yes, you will be able to pay your sellers either through your current accounting software, by hand or electronically using Dwolla. You will be able to post payments in GeniusPeddler and export that information to a CSV file, which you can in turn import into your accounting software for your records and to print checks. Find out more about Dwolla and their service click here:   

Can I try GeniusPeddler before I commit to a subscription? 

Yes, you can try it free for 60 days before having to pick a subscription or even enter any payment information! All you need to do to is sign up for a trial here:

Does it work offline?

Unfortunately, it does not work without an internet connection. You will need to use it on an internet connected device. This allows your sellers immediate access to their sales through their own login? instantaneous reporting on sales, money coming into your business and money that you are liable to disburse to your sellers. Not to mention the added benefit of automatic backups.

Can I use GeniusPeddler for my credit card processing also? 

GeniusPeddler does not have any specific hardware or integration with credit card processing services yet, in terms of point of sale systems. You will need to use a separate service for credit card processing.

How do my sellers view their sales information?

When you setup your store and add all of your sellers, they will get a email notification and link to sign up with their own account that will link to your store. They will then be able to login to their own account and see their current sales, items on layaway and past payments.

Does it cost extra for my sellers to have access to their sales online? 

No, access for your sellers is included in all subscription plans.

Am I limited to the number of devices I can have accessing the application at once? Or the number of different clerks?

No, you can have as many different clerk logins or clerks accessing the application at once as you would like. You, as a store owner, can login and check your monthly sales at your store, while on vacation, or on your way to a meeting! Even as your clerk is entering a sale back at your physical store.

Can I track inventory with GeniusPeddler? 

No, GeniusPeddler is currently designed to only track sales of consignment stores where the seller is responsible to track their own inventory. Only sales processed through GeniusPeddler will be tracked.